Google Opens Its Hearts And Wallets

Google announced Wednesday it is opening its wallet to the tune of $11.5 million to several coalitions fighting to end the modern-day slavery of some 27 million people.

They are more people trapped in slavery today than any other time in history. It’s hard for most of us to believe that slavery and human trafficking are still massive problems in our world.

Google Opens Its Hearts And Wallet

The trafficking of women for the sex trade is common in big US cities. Some illegal immigrants find themselves forced to work in sweatshops, in private homes as domestic servants or on farms without pay under the threat of deportation.

Having a company like Google recognize the value of human rights marks a major turning point for the anti-slavery movement, and at $11.5 million donated to nonprofit organizations. Google by its more then generous domination has helped  nonprofit organizations gives consumers some tools to determine whether slaves were used in the making of their goods and products.

So my hat is off to Google and its employees for opening their hearts and wallets. Thanks to one of the largest corporate grant devoted to the intervention and rescue of people being held, forced to work or provide sex against their will. Also keeping a high moral and ethical gesture without worrying about their bottom line. Thank G!

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Eliminate Credit Card Debt

It is easy to eliminate credit card debt. ·The first thing you will need to do is stop using your credit cards so that you’re not increasing your debt. Credit counseling services are designed for individuals who might need some additional assistance, getting a handle on credit isn’t considered a simple task. The Reality


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Approximately over half of the population is in debt – not to mention the United States itself. That’s right, over 80% of finance agreements taken out will not hold up in a court of law if you challenged the credit card or loan provider. And the simple truth is that not most of the credit card relief help out there can get you out of credit card debt the way you want. And the sad fact is that there are some credit card debt relief government assist that will take your money and not assist you. Credit counseling services may potentially be the answer to your problem. But first, you’ll have to find someone to assist you. Will power is vital to in your pursuit of freedom. Overall, you’ll need to search the internet because it will ultimately provide you with the most options. You might also prefer to seek out a local debt management company in your local area. ) Once your balance is reduced, your minimum payment will come down as well but don’t be tempted to stray. The key to making sure you are not ripped off is to check and see what else the company does. ·If you have multiple accounts make sure to pay off the one with the lowest balance first, while making minimum payments to the others. The feeling of accomplishment will give you incentive to keep going. However, this is easier said than done. ·If you plan to close an account, make sure to close the newest one first. Another thing you will learn is how to plan ahead. Credit counseling services are meant to help you view your situation from a more positive perspective. Clip coupons, take on another job, get rid of cable TV, go out to dinner less, etc. And if you do it you will feel a sense of power over your debt once and for all. Immediate Results

Although it may take some time for your overall credit score to improve, you’re going to see immediate results in other areas. There is really nothing as powerful as will power. If you get a raise or money for your birthday or holidays make a payment online. Than before your know you will be completely debt free. . Talk to your local bank or look into a reputable debt consolidation agency. .

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Living Out Of The Banks Pocket

living out of the banks pockeyWe live with a lot of financial myths that are thrown at us. There are so many people around the world who are reeling from the effects of this downturn, and have so much credit card debt to deal with. You don’t finance anything, in addition to avoiding credit cards, which means you don’t get a loan for a car or a mortgage for a home, for example. Have we become a society of want instead of what we need? Cards are a life line for emergencies that when you do not have the money at the time, i. e. Here’s how. The first step is to do an honest assessment and soul searching in terms of one’s expenses, be it credit card payments or otherwise. Your credit history will become dormant as you pay off existing debts and not use any other credit – and as a result, your credit score will probably go down as well. By building up and preserving an emergency fund, you will never need to fall back on dangerous credit when times get tough. People who choose this lifestyle tend to be very good at saving money, so that they have it available when they need to make a purchase. They also tend to have higher incomes than people who become over-ridden with debt but it is definitely possible to live a cash-only lifestyle on lower incomes as well (and very beneficial!)

Some purchases are difficult to buy without a credit card – things like airline tickets, car rental or hotel rooms for example. Life is a journey and freedom from credit card debt also starts with a single step that you take forward. What we need to do is come up with a monthly budget for things we NEED such as groceries and electricity. This determination will stand you in good stead in terms of your quest for freedom from debt. . This will enable you to have a good credit score without carrying a lot of debt, and should you ever need financing for emergencies or other purchases – you should have no difficulty getting it. Most people think that they cannot survive without a credit card but they are wrong. Being deep in credit card debt can be a real strain on the family and if one worries too much about how to get things paid for they can possible get sick or just be so uptight about life in general that one tends to forgot to enjoy life. The reverse works in your favor. It is possible by sticking to a budget, to mangage without the use of a credit card. Finally, renting is generally a better option than owning. Cards can be a great help when they are used carefully. A house is not an asset unless you are renting it out. An asset it something that gives you money. If you use your card make sure you quickly redo your budget to take account of the new repayment to pay off your card quickly. Living without credit is not hard, it’s actually much simpler than living out of the banks’ pocket. Free yourself, live a cash only life, and you’ll be much happier, freer, and wealthier. .

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Save Your Money Living Green

Lots and lots of money is being spilled by the energy usage and this could costs most of us from ten to hundreds of euro’s per year. So here are some of the things that you can do to help save our planet. All of these involve just a few changes to our daily habits. Car companies are making and pushing hybrid and electric cars. Not only to save you some money, but also to help the global warming of the earth. One of the poster images of pollution are our vehicles and for a very good reason. But the little things, they make the difference.

living green

  • Turn of the TV, radio and all other electronic devices. Do NOT put them on the standby modus. If you say to yourself – “can’t do that now” and you really don’t want to throw away your carpets you can reduce your indoors air pollution by having a weekly vacuuming schedule plus starting a shoe-free house policy – so leave your shoes and toxins near the door. Not only do we lessen our carbon dioxide emissions, but we also get a good exercise out of it. Well, money is always a great motivator for people to do anything so here are some ways you can save and make money by living green. Use a laptop instead of a computer desktop.
  •  Buy energy-efficient lamps, this will cost you less energy and less money. Unplug all unused electrical items or use an energy efficient surge protector. The Internet has a lot of great resources to help you going green – so I hope you keep reading, researching and acting.
  • When you want to thaw an frozen product, put the product in a refrigerator. The compact florescent bulbs lasts a lot longer then regular bulbs and use less energy thus saving you money on your energy bill and keep you from paying bulbs as often. Take shorter showers. Here’s how you can save money on your energy bill with your laundry. That is not good water usage because when we shower the water continuously falls and go straight to the drain. Therefore the longer we spend in the shower, the more water we waste. Even when the battery is fully charged, still power is being used. Line drying is more environmentally friendly and also keeps clothes from shrinking and fading and saves you money on energy.
  • Save Money On Gas. Get some exercise and save money gas by walking to short distance destinations or riding a bike to them and longer distance destinations. With a glass of water, we only use the amount of water to rinse our mouth. Therefore there is less water to waste while we are cleaning our pearly whites. Simply turn off the faucet when you are not using it.
  • Make good use of natural light. We have a great and natural lamp, the sun, and we should learn how to take full advantage of it during day time.
  • Converting your car to run no biofuel or some other alternative fuel might cost a little now, but will save you a lot in the long run. These are just some of the best tips for green living, but of course there are still many of these tips if you just search for them. But you can do your own variation anytime just always prioritize how you can use less energy and produce even lesser trash and pollution. I know it’s hard, but give up those gas guzzling SUVs and Hummers and keep more money in your pocket with a smaller car. Maybe even a hybrid. Make Money Living Green
  • Recycling not only helps keep material that’s harmful to the environment from being put in landfills, but you can also make a little money from doing. There are places all over the place that will pay you for such things as aluminum cans, scrap metal, those plastic bottles you get water and soda in and other materials.
  • Recycling me . com is a site that allows you to sell recyclables such as rubber, plastic, glass, paper and various scrap metals to online buyers.
  • Places like Staples will give money for empty ink cartridges you use toward a purchase.
  • Make money by making your own non-toxic cleaning product and sell it. It’s easy to make using everyday stuff you might already have in your home like baking soda and lemons. You can find out how to make your own non-toxic cleaning product by doing a search online.

I’m going to leave it there. This gives you a taste of how living green and saving as well as making money can go hand in hand. So if you’re one of those that needed an extra nudge to start living green I hoped this pushed you over that edge. .

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Why Use Green Products

Why do we have to use green products? why use green productsThe answer to this question is very clear in everybody’s mind. They have been known to cause various burns and rashes. The power to overturn the condition lies with us and we can do it if we want. A lot of business enterprises nowadays have created green products like renewable fuel, organic food, cleaning methods etc. all of these are designed in such a way that the consumers can afford them easily.

Having lots of chemicals in your home is just asking for trouble especially if you have younger kids that can get into them. Government subsidies for promoting the production and use of biofuels were favored by 77 percent Italians, 76 percent of Spaniards, and 60 percent of Americans. Biodegradable products make from natural materials are just better all round. Due to their natural ingredients you don’t have to worry about leaving bottles of dangerous chemicals lying about the house. They may just surprise you. The perception of consumers is that products labeled green and eco-friendly simply cost too much, and consumers are not willing to pay a premium. At least not yet.

When asked how much more they would be willing to pay for renewable energy, the typical response was either noting more or only about 5% more. This schizophrenic attitude, that taxpayer-funded subsidies for green technology were supported but paying even a small premium for green technology was not, was broadly seen across Europe and the United States.

Chemicals in the blood stream can cause all sort of issues, especially to the lungs. Most people ignore it, but many cleaning chemicals will recommend on the packaging that you wear gloves and even protective masks. ” This response was given in parallel with the response of 71% of consumers who also felt that “It is important that companies take environmentally responsible actions. And let’s not forget the lemon juice. Make sure if you are going to buy online that you do so from a reputable company.

If you believe that your neighbor is taking steps to go green, you are more likely to do so yourself. You even have a few examples of household items that you can use for cleaning products. Guilt also works. . At times you will find that the amount of money you spend on ingredients is a fraction of the cost of store bought cleaning products. .

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Green Products Truly Green

Whitewashing” is a term used to describe the practice of hiding unpleasant facts from the public. Everyone is more concerned about the health of the environment and themselves. When I was growing up we lived in the country. It involves covering up the fact that your green products may not exactly be green. Why not? The county used to spray our dirt roads with petroleum products to keep the dust down. Other products will say they’re environmentally friendly because they changed one or two ingredients in their products. Even companies are guilty of this; banks may say they’re “green” just because they stopped sending out paper statements, or you can now bank online. When it was wet they would add a small amount of gravel to make them passable. When it was dry it was a dust bowl. My first example is the light bulb. “

Totally Green is a true green cleaner. It takes valuable resources to make and has a life expectancy of only a year or so. On top of that they use a lot of electricity compared to LED lights. Indeed LED lights are the way forward. They can be easily connected to solar panels via batteries, they last a long time and they are cheap to produce. It’s odorless, and safe to use around pets and children. Farmers, golf courses, and businesses that use chemicals have to follow strict guidelines on regulations that have been added in the last 10 years. This product was created with people who need to be able to clean their homes without having horrible reactions to the chemical cleaners that are on the market now. It’s hard to find a product that environmentalists and people with severe allergies can use. Green products are supposed to alleviate the impact of chemical applications on the environment. And bleach is not safe to use around children or pets, unless it’s diluted properly. This seems unlikely in Cuba and Venezuela who are implementing a complete change to CFLs. But take heart. The label must free of the words “warning” or “poison”. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) sufferers and people with allergies can use this product without worry. In America one-in-six children born every year have been exposed to mercury levels so high that they are potentially at risk for learning disabilities, motor skills impairment and short-term memory loss. Don’t contribute to the mercury that is poisoning our soil and poisoning the sea food that we eat. In short don’t use CFLs unless you are 100% sure that it will be safely disposed of once it is broken. Everyone remembers the famous fast food chain that was sued for selling “hot” coffee. My second example is bamboo fabric. For more information visit my website. They are now available for purchase. Descales are used by a multitude of companies for treating cooling towers, havoc operations, boilers, water systems and many more that I could list. These companies use sulfuric or hydrochloric acid to clean their systems and dilute it down with water to be able to recycle it. Recycle means, sometimes putting it back into the water source and using it again. Bamboo can be used to make furniture and build houses. Bamboo shots are a good source of nutrition. What would that be worth? The cost may even be cheaper than what you are paying now. An example of bamboo being used to make a great green product is the Totally Bamboo Congo Parquet End Grain Cutting Board. The hassle of filling out paperwork for the EPA would disappear.

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