Google Opens Its Hearts And Wallets

Google announced Wednesday it is opening its wallet to the tune of $11.5 million to several coalitions fighting to end the modern-day slavery of some 27 million people. They are more people trapped in slavery today than any other time in history. It’s hard for most of us to believe that slavery and human trafficking […]

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

It is easy to eliminate credit card debt. ·The first thing you will need to do is stop using your credit cards so that you’re not increasing your debt. Credit counseling services are designed for individuals who might need some additional assistance, getting a handle on credit isn’t considered a simple task. The Reality   […]

Living Out Of The Banks Pocket

We live with a lot of financial myths that are thrown at us. There are so many people around the world who are reeling from the effects of this downturn, and have so much credit card debt to deal with. You don’t finance anything, in addition to avoiding credit cards, which means you don’t get […]